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KOPIRICA Coffee (100% Liberica) Malaysia Finest Liberica Single Origin Coffee


  • These rare coffee beans require a pre-order. Please contact us before placing your order!
  • 100% Malaysia Liberica Coffee Beans
  • Growth above sea level 0-175 m (0 – 570 ft).
  • Roast to Order, we roast the coffee beans upon your order, Freshness guaranteed.
  • Small batch roasting / Micro roasting to bring out the flavor of Origin.
  • Profile Roasting for pour over / filter brewing
  • Meticulously hand picked to eliminate all defect and rotten beans
  • No added Sugar, Margarine, Flavoring, Preservative.

Product details of KOPIRICA Coffee (100% Liberica) Malaysia Finest Liberica Single Origin Coffee

KOPIRICA Coffee Bean (100% Liberica) / Malaysia Finest Liberica Single Origin Coffee

Origin: Malaysia

Region: Johor

Varietal: C. dybowskii / C. excels / C. dewevrei

Roast Level: Full City

Processing: Pulped Natural and Sun Dried

Cup: Sharp and rich aroma with hints of herbal notes, bittersweet undertones, nutty flavors, baker’s chocolate, and ripe jackfruit. The background acidity and light mouthfeel complement these flavors.

The coffee beans were sun-dried using the pulped natural process, resulting in a clean and fruity cup.

These micro lot coffee beans, sourced from a small village in Johor, located in the southwestern region of Peninsular Malaysia, are shade grown under a canopy of coconut trees that provide shelter from the sun. The shade trees enrich the soil with nutrients without the need for chemical fertilizers, while natural predators help control pests. The local “kebun” owner utilizes traditional fermentation and pulped natural processing methods. Enhanced by the region’s natural sea breeze and plentiful sunlight, these beans develop unique characteristics, resulting in truly exceptional coffee.

Beautiful blooming Liberica flowers being pollinated by bees, captured on site during a farm visit.

Liberica coffee cherries nestled among the coffee plant shrubs.


Explore Why Buy from KOPIRICA is the best decision for your money and sense, for quality, craftsmanship, and eco-friendliness in our blog.

Preroasting Prep

KOPIRICA coffee beans undergo meticulous hand-picking to eliminate all defects and rotten beans, ensuring the highest quality and safeguarding your health.

Roasted Beans Cooling

Food safety and hygiene have no compromise; rusty steel surfaces of those conventional carbon steel / cast iron drum coffee roasters shall not be allowed in contact with the coffee beans during the roasting process.

Post Roasting QA

Artisanal roasted by the state of art, fully stainless-steel Hybrid Coffee Roasting Machine. Carefully hand-picked post roasting for Quality Assurance!

Product Packagaing

Only at KOPIRICA, you’ll experience the dedication of fine crafting, from meticulous pre-roast prep to innovative roasting. Every cup from our beans delights the senses and liberates the soul. Our commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and eco-friendliness ensures excellence in every sip, choosing KOPIRICA means choosing excellence in every sip.

Join us in the pursuit of the perfect cup of coffee, and experience the KOPIRICA difference today.

Weight N/A
Roast Type

Espresso, Filter


200g, 500g, 1 Kg

Grind Size

#0 Whole Bean, #1 Fine (Espresso), #2 Fine (Moka), #3 Fine (Aero Press), #4 Medium (Brewer), #5 Medium (Pour Over), #6 Coarse (French Press), #7 Coarse (Cold Brew)


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KOPIRICA Coffee (100% Liberica) Malaysia Finest Liberica Single Origin Coffee
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